A Mom’s Influence

There Is No Mother Like a Godly Mother

As we pause this month to celebrate Mothers’ Day, I think of the influence that each and every mom has over the lives of her children. Qulaities like love, patience, care, tenderness and faithfulness flood our minds when we think of our mothers. The affection of friends and family may ebb and flow, but the love of a mom is always there.

There is no mother like a godly mother. A godly mother is one who loves God and her greatest desire is for her children to love God. A godly mother knows that the world, flesh, and devil will do all they can to pull her children’s hearts away from God and the things of God. A godly mother seeks to instill the precepts and principles of the Bible in the lives of her children. She seeks to lead by her own example and fortify by her exhortations.

Abraham Lincoln said, “I remember my mother’s prayers, and they have followed me; they have clung to me all my life.” Hudson Taylor told how that the closed door of his mother in the middle of the day meant she was praying for her children. Yes, a godly mother is a praying mother. One of the greatest things any mother can do for her children is to bring their name and needs before the Heavenly Father’s throne daily.

As I conclude, I want to pay honor to all the godly mothers who are reading these words. I believe it is fitting to pay tribute to my own Mother and to the mother of our three children. Mom, I love you and thank God for you! Sharon, our children could have no better mother. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Let your mother know today of your love and appreciation if she is living, for there is nothing like the godly influence of a mom!

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