Spiritual Gardening

Cultivating a Godly Heart

What do you do with those three months between Memorial Day and Labor Day? For myself, when the days get nicer and the nights are warmer, that only means one thing—it is time to plant a garden.

My husband calls this family time. I call it work! I know many of you enjoy working in the garden. You tell me it’s relaxing and therapeutic—I think it’s stressful!

I like what David says in Psalm 92:13, “Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.” While I may not be able to grow watermelons, award-winning tomatoes, or squash, I do want to have a harvest of spiritual fruit.

This summer, whether or not we plant cucumbers, let’s determine to grow a spiritual garden. Without regular attention—watering, cultivating, fertilizing and so forth—the plants in our garden will not survive. Plants just don’t seem to grow without regular attention.

The same is true for our spiritual growth. Without regular attention, our spiritual health will decline and our spiritual vitality will wither and stagnate. Spiritual growth depends on feeding as much as physical growth. Here’s a strategy for personal spiritual growth.

Identify Your Goals

Take time to ask God for wisdom as you identify how you want to develop spiritually over the summer. Write your goals down and pray over them.

Plan Your Strategy

Identify what spiritual growth is and then take specific actions that will help you develop into a more spiritually mature Christian.

Develop Accountability

Share with others what God is doing in your heart and life and encourage them to partner with you to help you accomplish your goals.

Be an Example

As a Christian lady, set the pace by modeling spiritual disciplines for growth. When others see the excitement that a closer walk with Christ can bring, they too will seek what you have discovered for your own life.

Assess Regularly

Look back and evaluate your goals. Make adjustments as necessary. Spiritual transformation is not automatic. It takes time much like a garden, but be patient. God will reward your labor in His timing.

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