Practical Steps to Being a Better Soulwinner

Six ways to be a Better Soulwinner

Here are six ideas to help you be a better soulwinner.

1. Keep a prospect list.

This has the names of those you are praying for to be saved. It includes basic contact information and a record of your contacts with that person.

2. Pray every day for those on your prospect list.

This is the most important step, but often the most neglected.

3. Look for witnessing opportunities.

At work, at the barber, and anywhere you frequent, you already know many people in these settings—introduce them to your Saviour.

4. Know your church’s schedule.

Your Easter musical is not just something on the calendar—it is an event to invite your neighbors to. Ask someone to be your guest.

5. Use your church’s printed materials.

Gospel tracts, business cards for your adult Bible class, and musical tickets are great reminders for those you meet.

6. Open your home to unsaved and unchurched people.

Most people are simply looking for someone who will care. Show kindness by sharing a meal.

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