The Discipler

The Role of a Discipler

The Definition of a Discipler: The discipler enters into a one-on-one relationship with a new believer from the class, in order to guide the new member through the Daily in the Word program and to provide a mature Christian friend for the purpose of mentoring.

The Description of a Discipler: The discipler must possess: a genuine love for and interest in the life of his or her disciple, a desire to reach and train people for Christ, loyalty to the pastor and church, and the spiritual gifts of teaching and exhortation.

The Duties of a Discipler

1. Meet weekly with his disciple, for the purposes of reviewing, covering new material, and answering questions. A suggested pace for the Daily in the Word curriculum is two weeks per level. Most discipleship partners meet during the midweek service, in the designated classroom. Others arrange a meeting time based on their schedules.

2. Assign daily Bible reading and Scripture memory work to your disciple weekly, and review them together when you meet.

3. Train your disciple to participate in personal, family, and church worship.

4. Support and communicate the work of the church to your disciple. Invite him or her to participate in special programs and services with you.

5. If your disciple is absent from church or your discipleship time, contact him through a call or visit.

6. Be aware of spiritual needs or struggles in the life of your disciple. Communicate these needs to the class leader, who will share them with the pastor.

7. Speak to new class members about the ministry of discipleship.

8. Attend training and class leaders’ meetings.

9. Witness for Christ regularly, carry out the Great Commission, and be involved in the church-wide soulwinning program.

10. Pray faithfully for current and former disciples.

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