7 Tips for Using Your Sunday School Christmas Program as an Evangelistic Tool

Christmas Is a Great Time for Extra Outreach Opportunities

  1. Be sure that every student is included (we usually include all those three years old through the sixth grade). If children do not have an individual speaking part, they should be part of a choir or a group saying verses.
  2. Urge the Sunday school teachers to give special invitations to the parents who do not regularly attend church. We generally send letters home and follow them up with personal visits.
  3. Urge the regular church attenders to invite grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. In some cases, the children of recent converts have “godparents” who will be willing to come to a church service in which their “godchildren” are participating.
  4. Conduct the program on a Sunday morning. We normally begin 15 minutes later than the regular Sunday school time to allow time for each participant to get their costume on and get in place. (Our excellent church pianist usually plays special Christmas music during that 15 minutes.) We run the program right into the morning service.
  5. Do not have a break between the program and the preaching. If you allow the crowd any break, even standing up to sing a song just before the message, many who came simply to see their children will leave.
  6. Be careful to register all the visitors. Many times, people who do not trust Christ during the service will be open to the gospel on a subsequent visit to their home.
  7. Preach a clear gospel message and give an invitation. It should be unnecessary to encourage this, but I am appalled at the number of churches who for whatever reason present some kind of program at Christmas and never invite people to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
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