Breathing New Life into Your Soulwinning Program

How Starting New Soulwinning Groups Can Reignite Soulwinning Fervor in Your Church

I have found that it is helpful, occasionally, to start new soulwinning groups just as it is good to start new Sunday school classes every once in a while.

Reasons to Start New Soulwinning Groups

1. Sometimes the leader becomes stale. A person who started with great enthusiasm and worked hard to recruit people to their group may become comfortable with the status quo, may become burdened with extra responsibilities, or for other reasons may simply lose their zeal.

2. People need a change. Sometimes there is conflict between two members of the group which has not been resolved. Sometimes an individual is no longer challenged by the same leader in the way they once were.

3. Schedules change. Over time, a larger percentage of your membership may be involved in shift work. A soulwinning program that was in the afternoon or the evening may wane because those who once attended are now unable to come. Ladies may have small children, which make it difficult to go at the same time they once did. Older children getting involved in sports and youth activities may again cause a schedule change which makes it difficult for people to go to a particular soulwinning group.

Requirements for New Soulwinning Groups

1. There must be a good leader. The leader of the group must be separated, a soulwinner themselves, and capable of motivating others to be involved in the work of God.

2. There must be a definite purpose for the new group. Whether the purpose is to reach a particular group of people and get them to go soulwinning, to teach a particular approach to soulwinning, or to meet a particular scheduling need, there must be a reason for the new group.

3. There must be a structure. You will need to decide whether you want a highly organized program (such as a Fishermen’s or Phoster Club where there is a trainer-trainee approach), whether attendance is to be kept, whether awards will be given, or whether a more informal but still organized approach is better for your group.

Recruiting Members for the New Soulwinning Group

1. The leader should go after people that he personally knows. These people will form the core of the new group and will likely be the most cooperative.

2. The leader and core members of the group should go after new members in the church. These folks are usually not involved in another soulwinning group, have usually not been heavily recruited, and are good prospects.

3. An Open House, a luncheon, or some other occasion could be used as a chance to invite those interested in the new group, explain the program, and try to get them involved.

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