3 Stewardship Lessons

Your Money Is Not Really Yours

Bob McQueon, a former congressman from Ohio who is also a Christian, tells this story about taking his son to McDonalds.

He got his son a large order of french fries, and without thinking, reached over and picked up a couple of them.

His little boy grabbed his hand and pushed it back. He said, “Dad, you can’t have any of these fries. These fries are mine.” Bob pulled his hand back right away and immediately said to himself, “My son has a terrible attitude about whose fries these are, and who bought them.”

He said, “In less than five seconds I learned the most important lesson in stewardship I’ve ever learned.” He said, “There are some things my son does not yet understand:”

1. He does not understand from whom these fries came. I am the one who went up to the counter; I am the one who pulled money out of my wallet and bought those fries that he calls mine. The first thing he does not understand is that I am his resource.

2. He does not realize that I can take those fries from him. I control them. If I want to, I can take them away, I can buy one hundred large orders of fries and bury him in french fries. They are in my control, not his.

3. He does not realize that I can get my own french fries. I don’t need his french fries. If I want to, I can go back up to that counter and buy more fries. I can sit there beside him and eat my own fries. I don’t need his.

Yes, my son had a terrible attitude. He needed to be taught. But then the Lord spoke to my heart. Just as my son disappointed me with his rotten attitude, so, I too, often disappoint the Lord with my rotten attitude. I learned:

1.  God is my resource. All that I have is from Him. He owns everything I have. He is the Owner. He gave it to me.

2. He can take my french fries anytime He wants. He can give me more, or He can take them. Why? He is in control.

3. God does not need me, and He does not need my gifts. If He wants to, He can find someone else to receive His blessings or to use in His service.

The people you work with may think it is perfectly normal to waste $300 gambling; but if you tell them that you gave $300 dollars in the offering, they will think that something is wrong with you. They cannot comprehend your values because they don’t have the Holy Spirit to guide and direct their lives. They do not realize that their money is actually God’s money, and He allows them to steward it.

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