A Heart for Missions

Missions Conferences Stir Churches to Do More for the Lord

The Missions Conference is a powerful and monumental time on our church’s calendar. Why is the World Missions Conference always such a powerful meeting?

Missions Is the Church’s Responsibility

When Jesus left this world He commissioned His church to go into “all the world” with the gospel message. This is more than just the message of salvation; it is also administering baptism and then training or discipling new converts. If we are going to be successful in doing what Christ gave us to do, churches must be planted in order to carry out the three directives given by the Lord.

There is something special about new churches being birthed. It is much like birthing physical babies. There is great joy when children and grandchildren are born. By partnering with missionaries, we are helping them birth churches, and we have great joy from that element of our spiritual life. It is what Christ has put us here to do!

Missionaries Are Some of the Finest Christians You Will Ever Meet

All Christians should be willing to live in complete and total obedience to Christ. Missionaries, by their very response to God’s call, are following Christ wherever He wants them to go. For some, it means leaving behind their home, family, and the American way of life. It means being thrust into a new culture and learning a new language. It may mean getting out of their comfort zone and meeting new people. It means loving and caring for those that Christ loves.

When we see the sacrifices these missionaries are willing to make, it should cause us to want to have a part in what they are doing.

We Set Aside This Time to Focus on What Is Dearest to the Heart of God

It has been said, “God had one Son and that Son was a missionary.” It was Jesus that said “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” When we focus on what God focuses on, we get a special blessing from the Lord.

Hearing from and interacting with these great servants of the Lord stirs our hearts because God is stirring their hearts.

We Make a Financial Investment

It means making decisions and choices about our resources above a tithe in order to help missionaries get to and stay on the field. They are willing to go to the far corners of the world, but it takes people being faithful in their financial support to keep them on the field. It takes people praying that God will protect, provide, and encourage these missionaries. This kind of focus endears us to what the Christian life is all about.

I trust that as you read this God will stir your heart to be faithful to your promise of finances but also to pray for the missionary family of your church. For more than forty years, I have participated in giving to Faith Promise Missions. It has been one of the joys in my life to watch God do great things by faith in my heart. I trust that you, too, will know that same joy by being involved in giving to the missions’ program of your local church.

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