How to Treat Missionaries

Five Pointers for Treating Missionaries

1. Appreciate them.

Our independent Baptist churches support about 4,000 missionaries for a world of over 6 billion people. These missionaries have left their home churches for a strange culture to spread the Gospel. Before they even reach the field, they will spend an average of two years traveling, contacting hundreds of churches, and praying that pastors would return their phone calls. We should do all we can to encourage each person whom God has called for this important work.

2. Be honest.

Tell them if there is no money available to support them. If you can’t schedule a meeting for them, tell them so they can focus their time on other churches that can.

3. Investigate before making a decision.

Make sure you have an agreement in doctrine and separation, both personal and ecclesiastical, before inviting them to your church. Know up front what their ministry will be. If you want to support mostly church-planting missionaries, ask the missionary for his plans.

4. Treat them well.

Have a nice place for them to stay, a fruit basket waiting for them, and a good honorarium for them when they leave.

5. Honor them in front of the people.

The attitude of your church members will mirror your attitude. If the pastor treats missionaries as honored guests, the people will be more willing to give when the pastor asks the people to give extra to support those missionaries.

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