Northwest Baptist Church

Ministering in Leavenworth, Kansas

Brian Shaffer pastors the same church he was called to preach in as a young boy. Born and raised in the Kansas City area, he never expected this is where his call to ministry would lead.

His family attended Northwest Baptist Church when he was a child. At that time, the church was growing, but over the course of the next several years the church dwindled and eventually went for three years without a pastor. They decided that if their final candidate did not become the pastor they would give up, sell the property, and give the money to missionaries. That candidate, Dave Noffsinger, became the pastor.

In the fall of 2003, Bryan attended West Coast Baptist College. He graduated in May of 2007 and married Vanessa two months later.

In 2010, Pastor Shaffer began working with Pastor Noffsinger at Northwest Baptist Church. He later referred to it as “a highlight in his ministry.” After serving for two years as the assistant pastor, Bryan became the senior pastor on April 15, 2012.

He immediately began putting into practice the principles he learned at Lancaster Baptist Church—knocking on doors and reaching people. Pastor Shaffer reflects on his time at West Coast Baptist College as being an equipping experience, “It was at West Coast I learned how to go soulwinning and how to share my faith,” he says. God blessed and the church continued to grow.

The need for space was clear. They used everything from storage spaces, to offices, to the church kitchen as classrooms for adult Bible classes. In September, they adjusted their Sunday schedule to accommodate the expansion needs they were facing. As a result, they witnessed growth almost immediately.

Pastor Shaffer has observed the spiritual growth of the church. “There has been a greater unity and sweeter spirit,” he says, “and our service attendance has greatly increased!”

Northwest Baptist Church is next to Fort Leavenworth. Nearly 2,000 soldiers come to Leavenworth to attend school each year. The Lord has allowed their church to function as a spiritual, mental, and emotional hospital to many of these soldiers and their families.

The church knocks on every door in Leavenworth at least three times annually and once a year in the neighboring city of Lansing. They serve the members of their community through a program called “Unconditional.”

Bryan hired an assistant pastor, Joshua Ham, who is also a graduate of West Coast Baptist College. God is using Josh to reach public school students for Christ.

By the grace of God, the spirit of the church is strong, and the members are excited to serve the Lord.

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