7 Wonders of the Bible

1. The wonder of its formation—the way in which it grew is one of the mysteries of time.

2. The wonder of its unification—it is a library of 66 books, yet one book.

3. The wonder of its age—it is the most ancient of all books.

4. The wonder of its sale—it is the best-seller of all time.

5. The wonder of its interest—it is the only book in the world read by all classes of people.

6. The wonder of its language—it was written largely by uneducated men, yet it is the best book from a literary standpoint.

7. The wonder of its preservation—it is the most hated of all books, yet it continues to exist.

Source: Encyclopedia of 7700 Illustrations, Paul L. Tan
Submitted by the homiletics class of West Coast Baptist College

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