Converted through President Wolsey’s Singing

When D. L. Moody visited New Haven in 1878, R. A. Torrey was a student in the University there. He said, “The ripest scholar in the University at the time, if not the ripest in America, was President Wolsey, Ex-President of Yale University. One night a young man went up to hear Mr. Moody preach and President Wolsey sat on the platform, and when they sang the old Gospel hymns, President Wolsey, himself a gray-haired scholar, joined in singing the hymns with all his heart. That young man said, ‘Well, if one of the greatest scholars in America can sing those hymns in that way, there certainly must be something in it,’ and he was converted, not through Mr. Moody’s preaching, but through President Wolsey’s singing.”

Source: Anecdotes and Illustrations, R. A. Torrey

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