Monarch Migration

Monarch butterflies are a celebrated species that automatically capture attention with their brilliant beauty. Each fall, these butterflies migrate from the United States and Canada to Angangueo, Mexico. Amazingly, they all congregate at the top of the same mountain each year with phenomenal punctuality around the first of November. They are so dense that you can actually hear the noise of their wings flapping when they take off to fly, and the trees literally bend from their cumulative weight. Researchers have tried to understand the Monarch’s ability to navigate this enormous distance with such precision. In a recent study funded by the National Institutes of Health, scientists painted the antennas of a sample group. Some had their antennas dipped in black paint and others received a clear coat of paint. This eliminated any sense of smell for both groups. It was discovered that those with clear paint were able to find their way, but those who had their antennas blocked from light became disoriented and lost their way. Researchers noted that these beautiful creatures are completely dependent on the sun to give them guidance. Like a well-calibrated GPS, they track with the sun’s light to find their precise destination. It’s a great picture of how we too are utterly dependent on the Son to direct our migration through life.

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