Only Children Joined the Church

A Philadelphia congregation watched as three 9-year-old boys were baptized and joined the church. Not long after, unable to continue with its dwindling membership, the church sold the building and disbanded.

One of the boys was Tony Campolo, who is now an author. He remembers: “Years later when I was doing research in the archives of our denominations, I decided to look up the church report for the year of my baptism. There was my name, and Dick White’s. He’s now a missionary. Bert Newman, now a professor of theology at an African seminary, was also there. Then I read the church report for ‘my’ year: ‘It has not been a good year for our church. We have lost 27 members. Three joined, and they were only children.’”

Source: More Perfect Illustrations for Every Topic and Occasion, Marlene LeFever
Submitted by the homiletics class of West Coast Baptist College

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