Teenager Saves Life of Woman Who Saved His

Penny Brown and Kevin Stephan both owe their lives to the other. Kevin was an 11-year-old batboy in July of 1999 when a player accidentally dealt him a severe blow to the chest with a bat while warming up. Kevin passed out, and his heart stopped beating.

Penny (a nurse) was at the game to watch her son play when she saw this transpire. She rushed down to Kevin and performed CPR which brought him back. Kevin’s mother said he was very fortunate because Penny was scheduled to work that day and had been given the day off at the last minute.

Fast forward seven years. Penny Brown is eating in a restaurant at Depew, New York when she begins to choke on her food and cannot breathe. Kevin worked as a dishwasher in that restaurant and was immediately called to help Penny because he was a volunteer firefighter.

Kevin performed the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged the food that was suffocating Penny. After saving her life he realized that she was the lady that had saved his life seven years earlier.

Penny summed it up by saying, “This is an experience neither of us will ever forget.”

Source: People Volume 65, Time Incorporated

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