The Difference Passion makes

A Dutch diamond collector was seeking for a very rare diamond. A dealer in New York by the name of Mr. Winston heard of this inquiry and contacted him letting him know that he believed he possessed the diamond he was looking for.

The diamond collector arrived, and Mr. Winston had his salesman present the diamond. The salesman described all the technical aspects of the diamond, however within minutes, the diamond collector rose his hand and said that this was not what he was looking for.

Watching from a distance, Mr. Winston hurriedly intercepted him as he was walking out and he asked him if he could present the diamond again. The collector agreed.

Mr. Winston pulled out the same diamond and started describing his admiration for this particular diamond. Within minutes they were signing papers, and he purchased the diamond. As the gentleman was walking out, he asked, what just happened? Why was it so easy for me to say no to your salesman a little while ago, while with you I purchased the diamond?

Mr. Winston answered, “That salesman is the best in the business. He knows more about diamonds than anyone, including myself, and I pay him a large salary for his knowledge and expertise. But I would gladly pay him twice as much if I could put into him something I have which he lacks. You see, he knows diamonds, but I love them.”

The same is true in soulwinning. Many Christians have much Bible knowledge, but do not share Christ with the lost. While others may not have as much knowledge of the Bible, but they love Christ so much they tell others about Him and press them to accept Him as their Saviour.

Source: Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks, Wayne Rice
Submitted by the homiletics class of West Coast Baptist College

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