The Path of Sin

In August of 2012, vacationers at the beach in Terracina, Italy were shocked when a car pulled up next to a man who had just left the water and shot him at least seven times. The man was Gaetano Marino, leader of the Camorra crime family. He was known as “Stumpy” because his hands had been blown off nearly twenty years previous when a bomb he was attempting to set for someone else went off prematurely. Police said they believed the killing was part of a struggle for control of the cocaine business between rival mob factions. Marino was part of a “family business” that placed him on the path that resulted in his death.

The law of sowing and reaping has not been repealed. When we set out on a course of action, there are consequences that we can and should anticipate (both good and bad) that ought to play a large role in our choices. Many people get in trouble when they decide to associate with people who put them on the wrong path. Though they never intend to end up in great danger, they begin walking an evil road, which always results in destruction in the end.

The only safety we have is to avoid such paths. Continuing down the wrong road and hoping to get off at the last moment is a recipe for disaster.

Source: International Business Times, August 24, 2012

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