The Salvation of a Communist Spy

One night while preaching at a halfway house in Taegu, South Korea where Mrs. Worley and I were missionaries, a group of inmates, after hearing the Word of God came forward to receive Christ as their personal Saviour. We were happy to help them. After we had thoroughly led them through the Word of God, we then felt that they understood. Colonel Kim Chang Hup was one of them that gladly received Jesus Christ as his Saviour. We then were having fellowship with them and I learned that the Colonel, who just received Christ as his Saviour was a North Korean. Then I learned his story.

It seems that he was a spy that had been caught attempting to come South in order to cut the President’s head off, who at that time was Park Chung Hee. Colonel Kim Chang Hup, was the leader of the spies. He had been in the South Korean prison for a number of years and had finally been rehabilitated. That was the Colonel’s lucky day. He heard the wonderful story of Jesus Christ and was saved. Later after he was released he was baptized and was very faithful in our Taejon Bible Baptist Church. Work was very scarce at that time especially for an ex-communist spy. Therefore I put him in as the janitor of our Church. From the high rank of a Colonel he was promoted to be janitor of our Taejon Baptist Church. He held that position until I went 100 miles further South and began a new Church in Taegu.

Submitted by Dr. Worth Worley

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