Unbribable Justice

When Diana Valencia was arrested in Texas on drug charges in September of 2008, there was little doubt regarding her guilt. Anyone caught with two kilos of cocaine is going to have difficulty explaining that away as an innocent mistake. However she came up with a novel attempt at getting off—she and her sister decided to bribe the judge who would be hearing her case to make sure she got off. The plan might have worked, since the judge was willing to take the money—except the FBI got involved.

Agents had been suspicious of Judge Manuel Barraza, and they cut a deal with Valencia’s sister to record her meetings with the judge. She taped a total of five conversations with the judge in which they agreed on the price for getting her sister off. Barraza was arrested and convicted and lost his judicial position because of his attempts to circumvent justice for profit.

Many people think that they can enjoy sin and then find some means of avoiding the consequences. As one old preacher said, they sow wild oats and then pray for crop failure. But no matter what devices we come up with, God is a sure and certain judge. We cannot bargain with or bribe Him. His hatred of sin parallels His perfect holiness. He does not turn away from sin.

Source: ElPaso Times, September 23, 2011

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