Sermon Series Outlines

Here you will find a complete sermon series from Dr. Paul Chappell with editable outlines and mp3 files of the original sermon. In addition to this, our contributors submit sermon outlines and series helps on a regular basis. This resource can augment your study with a treasury of ideas and materials to support your preaching and teaching ministry.

Confident Christian Living

These eight messages come from the book of 1 John and will help your church family live the Christian life confidently.

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Slide set for this series is available.

Other Outlines

Striving Together in Family Unity

Lessons from the First Family

Facing the Giant of Your Past

Facing Your Giants—Part 4

Facing the Giant of Bitterness

Facing Your Giants—Part 3

The Postman

Facing Your Giants—Part 2

Your Giants Are Stronger than You

Facing Your Giants—Part 1

Seeking Christ at Christmas

3 Places for Christians to Look

Where Is My Honor?

An Appeal to Backsliders

The Breath of God

3 Aspects of the Breath of God

Except They Be Sent

3 Aspects of Sending Missionaries

The Ministry of Reconciliation

The Ministry Every Christian Should Have

Get Back in the Game

3 Areas to Be Earnest In

The Growth of the Saints at Ephesus

Metaphors of Growth

Together with Christ

The New Life in Christ

The Work of Christ

Christians Are God's Masterpiece

The Power of Empowerment

Helping Others Reach Their Potential

The Difference Christ Makes

Living Like a Christian

The Course of the Natural Man

Man Is a Sinner By Nature

What Disciples Do

7 Attributes of Disciples

It is Up to You

Do You Want God's Blessing?

God's Exceeding Power

Availing Yourself to the Power of God