Missions-Rick Martin Introduction

One of the strengths of the Independent Baptist movement has been our support of worldwide missions. Currently more than 10,000 independent Baptist missionaries are serving Christ around the globe, and Independent Baptists give an estimated $500 million for the cause of worldwide evangelization, annually.

As we pray and support, these choice servants toil to bring the message of salvation to the lost around the world. They labor to disciple new Christians, and spend themselves to establish autonomous New Testament Churches. In short, they give their lives in the endeavor of the Great Commission, which is God’s divine calling and His empowered plan to reach the world with the gospel.

Perhaps no other man in recent generations has embodied a passion for this Great Commission more than Dr. Rick Martin. Thirty four years ago, in 1977, Rick and Becky Martin answered God’s call to be missionaries to the Philippines. They started the Ilo Ilo Baptist Church in the garage of an apartment building. The church quickly began to grow due to God’s hand of blessing and the faithfulness of Dr. Martin in reaching others for Christ.

Today, the church is still reaching souls with the Gospel through soulwinning and discipleship. Ilo Ilo Baptist Church ministers to over 5,000 people on a weekly basis. Following the Great Commission, the church has sent out over 50 missionaries from their own church family. Ilo Ilo Baptist College has become a sending station for pastors, evangelists, missionaries and Christian School teachers who reach out across the Philippines and around the world, telling others of Jesus Christ. More than 500 churches and 16 Bible Colleges have been started by graduates of Ilo Ilo Baptist College and members of Ilo Ilo Baptist Church.

Because of Dr. Martin’s dedication to reaching souls, his desire to train and equip others, and his steadfast yieldedness to the Lord, the Gospel is moving forth in the Philippines like never before. Tonight, we welcome Dr. Rick Martin to Spiritual Leadership Conference 2011...

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