A God that Maketh Known

When Worldly Counsel Cannot Help

Sermon outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Text: Daniel 2

Title: A God that Maketh Known

Introduction: The world often has interesting counsel. From Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura, and Oprah, to the experts of academia, and the self-help gurus whose profit-making works line the shelves of our local bookstores—everybody has advice for us. Some of it may be helpful. Some of it definitely is not. But all of it is subject to the Word of God. God makes it His job to guide us (Psalm 32:8). In this story, we see a time when the king found all of his worldly counselors unable to help him.

I. The Requirement

A. It was an urgent requirement

B. It was an unreasonable requirement (vs. 4–13)

C. It was a universal requirement (vs. 12)

D. It was an unmet requirement

II. The Request

A. A request for information

B. A request for an interval (vs. 16)

C. A request for invocation (vs. 17–18)

III. The Revelation

A. From the eternal Sovereign

B. To the earthly sovereign

IV. The Response

A. Reverence (vs. 46)

B. Recognition (vs. 47)

V. The Reward (vs. 48)

A. Daniel was made a ruler

B. Daniel remembered his friends

VI. The Reminders

A. A lot of worldly advice is just made up

B. Most of our conflicts come because we are in the flesh

C. You can only fake it so far

D. God’s work is a team work

E. God deserves much more praise than we give Him

F. Success is an opportunity to glorify God

G. It is possible to know about God without knowing Him

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