Choose the Easy Way

God’s Way Is Easiest

Sermon outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Text: Matthew 11:28–30

Title: Choose the Easy Way

Introduction: The devil is a dirty liar. Among the most dangerous and effective of his lies is this: “It is hard to do right and easy to do wrong.” This statement seems true to us sometimes. Teenagers watch their friends going to a party where dancing and drinking are present, see them enjoying themselves and having fun, and think that they have chosen the hard way by staying home and avoiding sinful activity. A former drunkard walks by a bar, feels an intense desire for a cold beer, breaks out into a sweat as he walks by, and thinks he has done the hard thing in not yielding to temptation. But the Bible says that the devil’s way is not the easy way. The Bible says God’s way is the easy way.

I. The Request–vs. 28

A. The activity

B. The audience

C. The announcer

D. The award

II. The Requirement

A. Service

B. Schooling

III. The Reward

IV. The Reassurance

A. Unexpected character

B. Unbeatable consequences

V. Reminders

A. The right way is the easy way

B. The wrong way is the hard way

C. The Christian life is not a life of no yoke; it is a life of an easy yoke

D. The Christian life is not a life of no burdens; it is a life of light burdens

E. There is no better Master than Jesus

F. No matter what our trials and troubles, we must rejoice that our burden is lighter and our yoke easier than if we were living for the world

Conclusion: What a wonderful Saviour we have! Truly His yoke is easy and His burden is light.

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