Facing the Giant of Temptation

Facing Your Giants—Part 6

Sermon outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Text: Mark 14:38

Title: Facing the Giant of Temptation

Introduction: William Shakespeare said, “Temptation: the fiend at my elbow.”

British playwright Oscar Wilde said, “I can resist anything except temptation.”

Temptation is the continual fork in the road. It is the decision to choose one of two ways. And, while we would prefer no “fork” or choice in the road that leads to destruction, it exists as a part of life.

I. Understand the Enemy

A. Our enemy is subtle.

B. Our enemy is content to operate slowly.

C. Our enemy is calculating with proportions.

D. Our enemy is crafty with his packaging.

II. Understand a Greater Power Than the Power of Your Enemy

Conclusion: Frederick P. Wood summed up the issue of temptation very well. He said: “All that the Father promised (1 Corinthians 10:13), that the Son provided, the Holy Spirit performs in us. What Jesus made possible, the Holy Spirit makes actual; what Jesus did for us, the Holy Spirit does in us.”

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