Facing the Giant of Your Adversary

Facing Your Giants—Part 10

Sermon outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Text: Luke 10:19

Title: Facing the Giant of Your Adversary

Introduction: If I were to ask you who your greatest enemy is what would you say? If I said, “Who is giving you the greatest amount of difficulty right now,” how would you answer?

This is our final message in the series on “Facing Your Giants” and we will conclude by looking at the giant enemy, Satan.

Just as Satan tried to destroy Christ, he attempts to destroy Christians today.

I. Know Your Enemy

A. Understand who he is

1. Devil—means “accuser”


2. Satan—means “adversary.”

3. Tempter—He is continually focused on our demise.

4. Angel of Light


5. Murderer, liar, the god of this age.

B. Understand what he can do

1. He is strong.

2. He is subtle.

3. He is determined.

4. He is defeated.

II. Know Your Commander—vs. 5:13–15

A. Trust Him

1. He is proven.

2. He is powerful.

B. Submit to Him

III. Know Your Position

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