Pleasing Our Unchanging God in Ever Changing Times

How Should You Change?

Sermon outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Title: Pleasing Our Unchanging God in Ever-Changing Times

Introduction: We live in times of rapid change. Change seems to come faster and faster. As we age the things that change are more noticeable.


I. God Does Not Change

A. Everything changes—except God!

B. God does change His methods of relating to mankind

II. God Designed Change into Creation

A. Solar system

B. Seasons

C. Tides/plant world/animal world—we see patterns of systematic change

D. Human life—a process of change

III. God Describes Believers Using Examples of Change

A. We are called God’s children

B. We are called God’s sheep

C. As the church we are called the body of Christ—(parts of the body) order/change

D. We are instructed, commanded, and encouraged to grow

IV. God Desires to See Change in Us

A. He wants to change your destiny

B. He wants to change your devotion (passions—what you care about)

C. He wants to change your deportment (behavior)

Conclusion: What is the change that God wants to make in your life?

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