The Most Dangerous Book in the World

The Power of God’s Word

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Text: Psalm 138:2

Title: The Most Dangerous Book in the World

Introduction: There is a book that has divided families, devastated philosophies, and destroyed the following of some of the world’s best-known religions. It proclaims itself to be superior to science, more honest than historians, and the only firm foundation on which to build our lives. People have been derided for believing it, attacked for possessing it, jailed for disseminating it, and martyred for refusing to deny it. Liberals loathe it, courts outlaw it, politicians run from it, the media scorns and fears it simultaneously.

If any other book had been subjected to one-tenth the attack this book has endured, it would have been vanquished and banished. But to the disgust of its foes and the delights of its friends, this book stands undaunted, undamaged and unchanged. It is the source of our strength, the light of our lives and the hope of our Heaven. It is the preserved, pre-eminent, powerful Word of God.

It is dangerous to its opponents and delightful to its proponents. It is the only book God ever wrote.

I. A Description of the Bible

A. It is inerrant (Psalm 12:6)

B. It is infallible (Psalm 119:89)

C. It is inspired (2 Timothy 3:16)

D. It is immortal (Matthew 24:35)

II. The Danger of the Bible

A. It is dangerous to our attitudes

B. It is dangerous to our activities

C. It is dangerous to our acquaintances

D. It is dangerous to our authority

Conclusion: Years ago, Robert Ingersoll used to travel the country lecturing on “The Mistakes of Moses.” He earned $500 a night for his blasphemous lectures. Today, Bob Ingersoll is dead and gone; his name is mentioned only by a few preachers who use him as an illustration. The words that God used Moses to write are still speaking to the hearts of men. Nobody today could make 50 cents a night lecturing on the mistakes of Bob Ingersoll.

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