Review: Why I Left The Contemporary Christian Music Movement

A Review of the Book by Dan Lucarini

This book offers a perspective few have written from—a Christian who was once involved in the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) movement and has since changed his beliefs on music. In this book, author Dan Lucarini gives both his testimony and an inside view of CCM.

Those who are involved in CCM often struggle to see scriptural reasons to avoid it. This book not only provides Bible passages to answer these questions, but it also speaks to the heart of these issues, identifying the underlying scriptural principles involved. The book also points out some often misapplied passages that are twisted to actually promote CCM.

I especially appreciate the spirit in which this book is written. The author is firm in his articulation of biblical principles, but he is kind in his approach.

The book speaks to the real issues of using CCM in church. It is scripturally supported in content and kind in spirit.

April 04, 2011

Dr. Paul Chappell

Senior Pastor of Lancaster Baptist Church and President of West Coast Baptist College

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From Genesis to Revelation, we are warned against false worship. The "strange fire" that has presented itself that today lures millions to join in and celebrate each week, is rooted in extreme Charismaticism, and Ecumenicalism. The most obvious issues that have arisen from this movement is that it takes down walls between the holy and the unholy, as we see nothing else able to transcend denominational boundaries, including the invite of Roman Catholocism, Hinduism and Buddism. Studies reveal that a huge percentage of concert goers are in fact Catholic. When we replace Christ Jesus as the "image" of our worship, suddenly everyone wants to get in on it.

As a former youth pastor and worship director, I can tell you of many years of watching this horrific scene unfold. Only after being convicted of my participation and support of this movement, did I repent and today working to educate Church leaders as well as youth as to the growing problem of bringing people into church under false pretense and claiming to have been "saved" while listening to Contemporary or "Rock" music at church. When anything other than Christ is doing the "drawing," we had better wake up and repent.