Pastor's Wives

Expressing Love

Communicating Christ's Love to Others

Retreat for Who?

5 Suggestions for Hosting a Retreat

5 Ways God Works through Trials

God Uses Trials to Work in Your Life

DIY Projects and Ladies Ministry

3 Parallels between DIY Projects and Ladies Ministry

Salvation Has No Expiration Date

Everlasting Life Is Forever

10 Ways to Make Ministry a Family Affair

Intentionally Involving Your Children in the Ministry

Making Memories with Your Children

Memories Must Be Made on Purpose

3 Attitudes of the Spirit Filled Wife

Attitude Is Everything

Making Ladies Ministry Enjoyable

A Look at Five Aspects of Ladies Ministry Using the Word Enjoy

Keep Your Heart through Christmas

3 Prerequisites to Peace at Christmas

A Plan for Planning

Developing a Plan Using the TEAM Acrostic

3 Things Your Husband Needs from You Every Day

What Being a Helpmeet Looks Like on a Daily Basis

What Do You Think About?

A Look at the Command to “Take No Thought”

3 Steps to Authentic Christian Living

How to Be Real

It’s All about People

We Must Not Lose Our Heart for People

The Elevator Concept

5 Ways to Be All In

7 Results of Using Positive Words

Using the Power of the Tongue

Elephants Don’t Get Strong by Accident

Growing Spiritually Takes Grace and Diligence

Coconut Christians

Lessons from the Coconut

Resurrection Sunday Guest Dish

Super Easy Crustless Green Chili Quiche