The Adult Bible Class Leader

The Role of an Adult Bible Class Leader

The Definition of an Adult Bible Class Leader: The adult Bible class leader provides spiritual leadership for the members of his or her class as an extension of the ministry of the pastor.


The Description of an Adult Bible Class Leader: The adult Bible class leader must possess a genuine love for people, a passion to reach people for Christ, loyalty to the pastor and church, and the spiritual gifts of teaching and administration.


The Duties of an Adult Bible Class Leader:

1. Study and prepare for each week’s lesson from approved curriculum.

2. Enroll people in the class, and place them into care groups.

3. Witness for Christ regularly and be involved in the church-wide soulwinning program.

4. Involve class members in the soulwinning program, and partner with new soulwinners for training.

5. Love, care, and minister to members as well as non-members.

6. Lead members to grow through personal, family, and church worship.

7. Support and communicate the work of the church to the class.

8. Organize monthly class activities.

9. Delegate weekly class responsibilities to leaders within the class, and meet quarterly with these leaders.

10. Encourage new members to participate in discipleship.

11. Pray faithfully for members, visitors, and prospects.

12. Contact every absentee weekly through a letter, call, or visit.

13. See that the classroom is set up properly.

14. Attend the weekly teacher’s meeting.

15. Communicate spiritual and other needs of class members to the pastor.

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