Adult Classes

Sunday School—The Teaching Arm of the Church

The Importance of Sunday School in the Local Church

Blueprint for Adult Classes

The Ingredients for a Tremendous Class

4 Needs a Church Connection Group Should Meet

Leveraging Sunday School Classes to Fulfill the Mission of the Church

20 Ideas to Prepare for a Special Day in Your Class

Special Days Don’t Just Happen

7 Essentials of an Adult Bible Class

Adult Bible Classes Help the Church Accomplish the Great Commission

Passionate Teaching

10 Habits of Effective Bible Class Teachers

A Weekly Snapshot of Your Class

A Tool to Help You Feel the Pulse of Your Class

The Next Generation

What Are You Doing to Invest in the Next Generation?

The Autopsy of a Deceased Class

10 Reasons Classes Shrivel and Die

You Can Be an Effective Sunday School Teacher

The Difference between Teaching Efficiently and Effectively

Planning a New Year

4 Things to Keep in Mind As You Plan the Next Year for Your Class

How to Have a Care Group Fellowship Night

Planning a Church-Wide Fellowship Night

Starting Multiple Adult Classes

The Benefits of Having Multiple Adult Classes

11 Characteristics of a Healthy Sunday School Class

How to Have a Successful Sunday School Class

Fellowship by the Book

The Priority and Purposes for Spending Time with Believers

The Tool of Sunday School

5 Functions of the Sunday School

Preparing for Growth by Adding New Classes

8 Steps to Starting a New Sunday School Class

Serving Others through the Sunday School

Equipping Class Members to Serve

Connected by Service

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