The Care Group Leader

The Role of the Care Group Leader

 The Definition of a Care Group Leader: The care group leader helps his class leader create an atmosphere of belonging within the class, by fellowshipping, contacting, and caring for the assigned members of the class.

The Description of a Care Group Leader: The care group leader must possess a genuine love for people, a desire to reach people for Christ, loyalty to the pastor and church, and the spiritual gifts of exhortation and mercy.

 The Duties of a Care Group Leader

1. Help to make class visitors feel welcomed. Direct them to the class secretary so that their names and contact information may be recorded on the roll sheet.

2. Look for spiritual or physical needs within the care group. Communicate these needs to the class leader, who will share them with the pastor.

3. Schedule times, at least once a quarter, for fellowship with the care group in your home or at another location.

4. Contact every absentee every week through a call or visit.

5. Send an encouraging note or card to every member of the care group at least once a quarter.

6. Witness for Christ regularly and be involved in the church-wide soulwinning program.

7. Love, care, and minister to members as well as non-members.

8. Support and communicate the work of the church to the class.

9. Assist the class leader in coordinating monthly class activities.

10. Pray faithfully for the members of the care group.

11. Provide meals for other members of the care group when needed due to illness, hospitalization, a new baby, etc.

12. Attend training clinics and class leaders meetings.

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