The Class Secretary

The Role of the Class Secretary

The Definition of a Class Secretary: The class secretary assists the class leader in keeping information on class members properly recorded and up-to-date, especially as it relates to the weekly class attendance and enrollment forms.


The Description of a Class Secretary: The class secretary must possess a genuine love for and interest in the lives of people, a desire to reach people for Christ, loyalty to the pastor and church, and the spiritual gifts of administration and helps.


The Duties of a Class Secretary

1. Make sure the class roll is prepared and completed each Sunday. The Sunday school office prints and distributes the class rolls each week.

2. As class members arrive, check their names present on the roll.

3. Look for visitors, introduce yourself, welcome them to the class, and ask them if you can make a record of their attendance. Record every visitor’s name, address, and phone number.

4. Distribute the care group leader’s reports to them at the beginning of each class time.

5. Collect the care group leader’s completed reports at the conclusion of each class time.

6. Make enrollment forms available. Invite visitors and non-enrolled attendees to officially enroll in the class, which means they are placed into a care group and their birthdays and anniversaries will be recognized.

7. Witness for Christ regularly and be involved in the church-wide soulwinning program.

8. Keep class member information current, including children’s names and birthdays, address, telephone, e-mail, etc. Provide updates and corrections to the church office as needed.

9. Assist the class leader in sending birthday cards to members and their children and anniversary cards to couples.

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