3 Characteristics of a Team Player

There Is No “I” in Team

“But Jesus answered them, My Father worketh hitherto, and I work.”—John 5:17

Jesus Christ is our great example. In this verse, He tells us how we work together with the Father to accomplish His will. He does His part; we do our part.

As laborers together with God, we are on the same team and understand that if the team wins, we win.

What does it take then to be a team player?

1. A Team Player Values the Good of the Team above His Own

  • A team has a mission—it has values, principles, and goals it establishes as avenues to fulfill that mission.
  • A team player believes that as long as the mission is being accomplished, no sacrifice is too great—he refuses to quit.

2. A Team Player Is Willing to Do His Part

  • A team player is a giver, not a taker. He asks, “What can I do to help my team?” instead of “What can my team do to help me?”
  • A team player appreciates the opportunity to serve and the investment being made in him.
  • A team player is always working to improve.
  • A team player compares his achievements with his goals, not with those of other people.

3. A Team Player Follows Instructions

  • A team player understands the principles of responsibility and accountability, as well as the benefits of decisive leadership.
  • A team player trusts the leader’s commitment and dedication to put the team’s needs above his own.
  • A team player responds without hesitation and without trying to deflect or redirect the instructions given.
  • Team players point others to the leader and stir them to follow his lead.

“By him all things consist (are held together)—Colossians 1:17

Only Jesus Christ can hold our team together. May we look to Him, die to self, and win the rewards of accomplishing the mission He has given us.

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