5 Keys to Effective Prayer

Lessons from George Mueller

The theme for 2015 at Liberty Baptist Church is “I Believe God.” I am speaking to our church on different ways we can show others that we believe God—not just believe in God. I recently spoke on the subject of how we can believe God through prayer. I handed out the content of this blog to our church because I wanted them to see what a life of prayer can do. I hope that this will be a blessing to you.

Does God really hear and answer your prayers? Take a look at God’s dealings with George Mueller, a man who said, “I have joyfully dedicated my whole life to the object of showing how much may be accomplished by prayer and faith.”

God Alone Is the Source

One of main works of his life was the establishment of a large orphanage at Bristol, England. In 64 years from the outset of this work, Mr. Mueller cared for 10,024 orphans, established 7 day schools which 81,501 children attended; founded 12 Sunday schools which instructed a total of 32,944 children: and aided 25 Sunday schools in England and Wales. He contributed large sums of money to foreign mission work, distributed 1,989,266 Bibles and parts thereof, circulated 3,101,338 books and tracts, and traveled in 42 countries preaching the Gospel to 3,000,000 hearers. In all, he received from and gave back to God $7,500,000; at no time asking anyone for so much as a penny.

He was a man who knew by experience what it is for God to “give us this day our daily bread.” He remarked, “From August, 1838, to April, 1849, we had day by day, almost without interruption, to look to Him for our daily supplies, and, for a great part of the time, from meal to meal.” Materials were not the only things this man of God received in answered prayer. He made this statement: “Thousands of souls have been saved in answer to my prayers.”

He Never Gave Up

What was the secret of Mueller’s power with God. He took time to be alone with God in prayer, mediation, and Bible study. He would study the Bible on his knees in prayer. He said, “I live in the spirit of prayer. I pray as I walk, when I lie down, and when I rise. And the answers are always coming. Tens of thousands of times have my prayers been answered. When once I am persuaded a thing is right, I go on praying for it until the end comes. I never give up!”

Keys to Effective Prayer 

Conditions of prevailing prayer that were always before George Mueller’s mind are:

  1. Entire dependence upon the merits and mediation of the Lord Jesus Christ as the only ground of any claim for blessing (John 14:13–14).
  2. Separation from all known sin (Psalm 66:18).
  3. Faith in God’s Word of promise (Hebrews 11:6).
  4. Asking in accordance with His will. Our motives must be godly (James 4:3).
  5. Persistence in supplication. There must be waiting on God and waiting for God (Luke 18:7).

In today’s fast-paced world, few people have time to spend hours on their knees in prayer, but we can still learn from George Mueller’s life of holy consecration to our Lord and Saviour. He lived in a spirit of constant prayer. He prayed until the answer came, and he had no doubt that the answer would come.

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