12 Tips to Prevent Resentment and Rebellion

Relationships Are the Key

Dr. Bobby Roberson says, “Rules without relationship breed resentment and rebellion.”

Using the word relationship, here is an acrostic of ideas to help prevent resentment and rebellion in your child’s heart.

R—Read God’s Word together.

E—Events, make big of special events, birthdays, and spiritual birthdays. Don’t always feel like you have to have a big party. Sometimes just the family celebrating is best.

L—Laugh, have fun together, and instigate this!

A—Always, be the same always. Consistency and stability are key ingredients to every successful relationship. Hypocrisy will cripple your children.

T—Treasure each day. Remember, they are a gift from the Lord.

I—Initiate time together. You may not think so, but your child craves it and needs it. So schedule it and make it a priority. Plan date times where you spend one-on-one time with your children alone. You will never regret a minute invested in these precious relationships!

O—Openness, be approachable, talk things through, be willing to talk about anything, ask questions, and remember honesty is a must!

N—No! Sometimes you just need to say “no.” You need to be the bad guy every now and then. Sorry, that is part of parenting.

S—Support the authorities in your child’s life: their pastor, school teacher, etc.

H—Honor your spouse (or their other parent) and refuse to argue. This is so important!

I—Improve yourself. Keep growing and improving in your parenting skills.

P—Pray together every night!

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