Developing Life Skills in the Summer

Summertime Should Not Stop Learning

Many skills can be developed during the summer. Keep children on a schedule of learning even when they are on vacation from school so they are ready for the fall. Suggestions are given below, but ideas to do are endless!


  • Read the Bible together as a family.
  • Students in K-12 ought to have a personal quiet time daily. Keep a journal of their favorite verse of the day and write “why” it is their favorite verse.
  • Read a biography of an American president or missionary as a family and discuss.


  • Make “+, -, x, and /” flashcards from 3”x5” cards or buy them at a dollar store.
  • As children are shopping with you, have them add up the purchases, figuring in sales tax and change.
  • Create a time schedule for each day of the week and months. (Keep as consistent as possible with school year time schedule.)


  • Write letters to missionaries as a family.
  • Write a book of the Bible in your own handwriting.
  • Take notes during the sermons at church, writing in outline form.
  • Write short stories—rough draft, parents correct, student edits and re-writes story in best penmanship. Keep in a folder and title the finished product. Ideas of starting sentences are:

I spent the day with my mom.

I never knew it was so hard to make cookies.

I never noticed…

Mornings are so different since I…


  • When traveling, talk about the scenery.
  • Study maps and globes together as a family, pointing out where missionaries live.
  • Discuss the different climates in the world and how that affects living in those areas.


  • Prompt conversation by asking questions such as:

“What makes you think that  ?”

“Can you give me an example of  ?”

“How could that have been prevented?”

“How are   and    alike/different?”

“Would that have still happened if  ?”

“What would you do if you  ?”

  • Give clear instructions on how to do a chore and ask the student to repeat the instructions.
  • Listen to godly music while doing a project together as a family.
  • Share prayer requests with each other.


  • Discuss current events in light of Scripture.
  • Watch educational documentaries and discuss in light of Scripture. Have the students write a one-page report on that subject and include Scripture supporting a biblical world view.
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