Making Memories with Your Children

Memories Must Be Made on Purpose

This is the time of year when we realize how fast time flies! We have so many good intentions that are never accomplished because we don’t “make” them happen. Making memories has to be intentional and purposeful. Life is about moments. Don’t wait for them, create them!

My baby just turned 18 years old, and I am realizing how fast the time has passed! God has given us children, and they are only in our homes for a short amount of time. What memories will they take with them? Will they leave with happy memories? Will they be the memories I want them to leave with?

I want to challenge you to be purposeful this year in making memories with your children. If they are in your home, it isn’t too late to start. I think we often don’t “make memories” because we feel like they have to be something like an elaborate vacation, or a huge event when in reality it can be the small things that our children remember the most. Memories like “mom always thought what I said was important and listened to every word I said.” Or “she laughed when I was happy, cried when I was sad.”

So many memories can be made around the dinner table. I have wonderful memories of my mom making an Asian meal. She had us all dress in our night robes and then sit on top of pillows on the floor to eat. Now, when my family has spaghetti; (before the sauce goes on) everyone gets several strands of noodles to throw across the table at each other. You can do simple things like “Popcorn & Movie night” or “Friday night-make your own pizza night.”

Our children, no matter their age, just want our time. Take time this year to go on hikes with them, play with them, build puzzles, tell jokes, read to them each night before they go to bed. Do crazy things with them, like playing in the rain, or better yet playing in the mud then washing it off in the sprinkler—the mud will wash off but the memory will last a lifetime!

TIME is memories! Start today purposefully making memories with your children!

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