A Precious Life

Guarding the Spiritual Success of Your Children

Then took he him up in his arms, and blessed God . . . ” Luke 2:28

A mother’s work is never done. The years fly by, and before you know it your grandchildren are ringing your doorbell. Your mothering instincts happily grab the opportunity again. When my husband became pastor, the challenge was laid before me to multiply and replenish the earth—spiritually. By God’s grace, I accepted the challenge and took inventory of my mothering skills. God graciously entrusted His children to my care. What an awesome responsibility. I knew I would need rows of bottles sloshing with warm formula—the Word formula. The tear-streaked cheeks started crying out to me. The heavy hearts began forming soothing lullabies on my lips. Glassy eyes full of fear gripped my heart and made me want to show I cared. Mama Bear had just arrived. I took my job seriously and still do. The predators come and best beware, I can spot them a mile away. Just try to come on my turf and they will see another side of me.  The spiritual success of my children is my mission statement. It is flashing in neon letters: Wolves, take caution. My God has provided me with impenetrable armor and you are preying on shaky ground.

Simeon held the answer in his arms wrapped in the bundle of a six-week old baby boy. Jesus cooed at His mother and knew she took her job seriously. He heard Simeon tell her that a sword would pierce through her heart. Salvation had a cost, and Mary was up to the task. She marveled that God was willing to use her in His plan. She had the precious opportunity to mother God’s Son. He was a perfect baby. She loved Him so much. Her heart would be broken, but that was God’s will because she needed a Saviour. She would be the best mother she could be. Her prayers would be as guardian angels about the life of her young child. As this Godly son grew, He would reap the happy harvest of her many tears. God in flesh had come to bring salvation to lost humanity, and Mary rejoiced that she had accepted the role as an handmaid of the Lord.

Who has God entrusted to your care? Are you up to the task? Your tears are not in vain. Jesus loves you and rejoices in your faithful service. Remember, a mother’s work is never done. Let’s have the heart of Christ and say with Him, “Suffer the little children to come unto me”!

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