A Prepared Life

A Successful Life Is a Prepared One

Are you ready? When was the last time you were faced with that question? Remember scrambling to find a hiding place when you heard, Ready or not, here I come? Your school days, I’m sure, were filled with preparation for test days. Preparation helped, but sometimes the fear still lingered; fear of the unknown. That is what trust is all about. You trust as if it all depends upon the Lord, and prepare as if it all depends upon you.

Success does not come to those who sit around doing nothing because stagnant minds are the greatest obstacles to success. Don’t be afraid of failing; be afraid of not trying. You learn practically nothing from a victory. Let defeat be your teacher. All successful people have had training time in preparation. What are some areas of preparation that are important in life?

Prepare Your Heart

prepare your hearts unto the LORD, and serve him only1 Samuel 7:3

Some people have taken years to get saved because they were preparing for Heaven in their own way. Once they accepted their failure and believed God’s way of preparation through Jesus Christ, victory was won. You may be prepared now, but the fear still lingers. That is what trust is all about. Trust that God will keep His promise of salvation, and peace will be yours.

A prepared heart will desire to acknowledge the Lord daily in a devotional time. This will take time and effort. Failure will come in this area, but let it be your teacher preparing you to have a consistent walk with the Lord. Many mount up with wings as eagles, but only the select few continue to walk without fainting.

Prepare Your Work

“Prepare thy work without” Proverbs 24:27a 

You must have an objective and a sense of direction every day. What do you want to accomplish today? Prioritize your day in the morning, preferably on paper, no matter how daunting the tasks may seem. Be accountable to yourself. Oblivion is the position of those who let obstacles block their horizon.

The storms of life will quickly fog over the gala event of your ship’s celebrated launching. Are you trusting in the Lord as if it all depends upon Him, and preparing as if it all depends upon you? Can your child say, My mother helped prepare me for life’s voyage and eternity? What activities will fill your days after you watch your last child sail off into the horizon? Are you keeping your relationship strong with your husband in preparation for your empty harbor? Have you determined to continue in mind what you cannot do in body if your health fails? Do you know where your important papers are and how to manage them if the Lord calls your husband home? Do not fear shipwreck and failure, but fear rust and decay. The storms will come, but be prepared for them. Jesus still whispers, Peace, be still to all who will listen. Let Jesus prepare you for your tomorrows because He is already there, and after all—you can trust your Captain!

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