A Trusting Life

Developing Faith

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. (Proverbs 3:5)

In whom do you trust? An unquestioning attitude of full reliance comes naturally at birth but is somehow lost along the winding pathway of life. Somewhere along the way, doubts and fears replace this innocent trust with hesitancy and self-reliance. When people fail us, those icy fingers of doubt enclose our trusting hearts with frost and hypothermia. How many times have we heard we must not put our trust in men? Men will fail us, but our ever-faithful God will not. He tells His children not to fear. Hear His still, small voice warming your heart. “Trust Me,” He reassures.

Let me blame my personality for being a chicken at heart. The Lord is always growing me in this area. My Bible study ladies laugh when I tell them how the Lord tests me in this area. I was almost struck by lightning when I was young so of course, I just love thunderstorms—in the next county. Awaking in my dark hotel room, alone, in a foreign country, with a strange man at the foot of my bed tested me to the limit. My scream could be heard in the next county as his hasty retreat sizzled the carpet. God loves me so much He plans adventures like these just for me. Still, I need to trust Him more.

We have started the Silver-Centennial Club in our ladies’ Bible study. The ladies pick a key word, find twenty-five Bible verses with that word or its variation, and memorize them using three-by-five cards with verse and reference on one side and numbered key word on the other. Weekly, each member should be working towards the goal of checking off all twenty-five numbers next to her name on our club chart by saying her verses during the week, always starting with verse one. When all twenty-five verses are said together, a silver-plated gift engraved with her key word is awarded. Some picked words like hope, strength, love, temperance, and faith. I am still growing in this area of trust, so guess which word I chose? I am nearing the finish line with my wonderful promises God has given me about fear. What are you doing about your trust? Maybe you have arrived. If you have, remember me in your celebration and cheer me on to success, too!

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