An Expectant Life

Anticipating God's Working

And the Lord said, If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed” Luke 17:6a

Expecting great things from God will inspire you to attempt great things for God. When was the last time God revealed Himself to you in proportion to your specific prayer? God was thinking of my faith when He taught the disciples about prayer. Sizing up my faith next to a tiny mustard seed, He opened the seed and pulled out the grain squinting to make sure He had not dropped it. I think He was trying to tell me it has very little to do with me. It is all about Him, and His good gifts He is waiting to bestow upon me.

Do you inspire others to expect miracles? I want my ladies to ask God to open their spiritual eyes so they can see God working behind the scenes in direct answer to their prayers. In our ladies’ Bible study, we specifically prayed God would show us He was working in the life of an unsaved husband. We have been praying for this man for over ten years and sometimes get discouraged because he is still an atheist. The phone rang at his house, and his wife did not answer right away. After the call, he walked down the hall and asked with an ashen face, “Who was that? The caller ID said, ‘Christ’.” It had been Chris T. but the caller ID had left out the space. Yes, God was working.

Our class signed a get-well card and filled it with four tracts on the love of God for a member’s lost, brother-in-law diagnosed with terminal cancer. She told us he might retaliate against her, but instead he told her to thank us. The next check-up, the doctors could not find the cancerous tumor! He did not get saved, and the cancer has returned since then. Our class wanted to send him another card. I was not sure if a direct tract on Hell would be well received. As I looked at the carousel on the tract and read “On a Ride to Hell,” I prayed, “Lord, please show me a carousel if You want our class to send this.” A couple days later while scanning pictures on my daughter’s camera, I was surprised to see many pictures of my grandchildren riding a carousel. They had just gone to the county fair! When I told my ladies what had happened, they expectantly signed another get-well card knowing God was working behind the scenes once more.

When you get discouraged, just ask the Lord to open your eyes to His working in your life. He longs to be personal to you.

It had been a long day at work as I sank into my couch catching a heavy sigh filling my mood. I was also trying to keep up with all my children’s school projects and extra-curricular activities while sharing in my husband’s many ministries at the church. “Holy Spirit, I know You are my Comforter, but I don’t feel comforted. Where are You,” I pleaded feeling so overwhelmed.

My son came out of his room and totally put my spiritual perspective back where it was suppose to be. “Mom, where is my comforter? Have you seen it?”

I smiled at my bewildered son and inwardly prayed, “Alright, Lord. I know You heard me. I’m sorry for my attitude.” I jumped right up and went to get his comforter out of the dryer feeling suddenly warmed, loved, and rebuked all at the same time. My tiny grain of mustard seed had touched the heart of God once more. How expectant are you?

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