Today I Traveled around the World

The Blessings of Supporting Foreign Missions

Today I watched as Alisha Stensaas hosted a group of twenty-three women, the Operation Renewed Hope Medical Team, who came to minister to the needy people of Uganda. Before the people were medically examined, they attended a service where they received their ticket. After they had received medical attention, they attended another service. Among the hundreds who received medical help, over five hundred received Jesus Christ as their Saviour. They received much more than they could have expected.

Today I watched a young couple attend to the hundreds of last minute details before boarding a plane that would take them to Costa Rica where they will attend language school before going to the country of their calling, El Salvador. Adam, Esther, and Joel Fridenstine are finished with deputation and on their way.

Today I watched as David Maskey sat beside the death bed of his mother. Just a few weeks ago, she was quite well, but on July 8 she went to be with the Lord. In May, Brother Maskey’s church in Nigeria hosted a ladies retreat with over 230 ladies. In June, over 450 first time visitors came to the church. And days before the death of David’s mother, his church in Nigeria hosted a preaching conference where more than eight hundred people attended.

Today I watched as Elaine Jones, whose husband Weldon was killed in an automobile accident in Mexico several years ago, stood beside the bed of her dying father. Her mother died when she was only eleven years old, and her father had faithfully raised her and her three siblings. The whole family were dedicated Christians. Now she says goodbye to her wonderful dad and returns to Mexico with a very busy summer schedule.

Today I listened as Alan Davis led a wayward man to the Lord in the Bronx.

Today I marveled as Carol Stackhouse and the members of the Haven of Rest Baptist Church hosted a “Mama’s Bung” ladies meeting. Papua New Guinea is a very fruitful country, and through the ministry of Jim and Carol Stackhouse many have come to know Jesus Christ.

Today I sat and fellowshipped with Dennis and Rose Pyle who are home from the Philippines where they have been serving for over twenty years. What a marvelous thing God has done through the lives of this couple.

Today I observed as Clint and Rita Vernoy adjusted to a big city in Paraguay. It is not easy for them. They have lived in the jungles for many years. They had to move to the city because the government would not allow them to stay with the jungle people.

Today I rejoiced as a new baby girl was born to Sean and Suzanne Canavan who are on their way to India.

Today I followed Sam and Sharon Dayanand as they ministered in the church at Mysore, India. From there we went to the orphanage and then to the Bible College. I am exhausted just watching these young missionaries as they lead many ministries in this country of over one billion people.

Today I watch as hundreds of young people in Romania come to camp. Tom Gentry, who the doctors say has only a few short months to live, works as long as possible before having to return to the hospital.

Today I watch as Randy and Jeanette Alderman escort an old chief to the city of Kara, Togo. For many years the chief had longed to go where there are many believers. Now as an old man, he rejoices as he meets other believers for the first time. Before returning to the village, the Aldermans took him to a doctor, gave him a tour of the government building, and bought him a new outfit. Can you imagine him trying to describe the city to the people in his village of mud huts?

Today I went to language school with Rob and Angela Willoughby in Estonia. After language school we went to an English Bible class they are teaching.

Today I watched as Noel Shrivnauth baptized twenty-four new converts in Guyana.

Today I sat beside a godly man with Alzheimer’s. For years, he and his wife labored in Puerto Rico. I watch his wife rejoice as she shows the picture of a nearly completed church building—her husband’s project for many years.

Today I traveled with Rick and Becky Martin as they left the Philippines and took a trip to Zambia. We meet Mario and Dianah Genada, graduates of the IloIlo Baptist Bible College. We are thrilled as we see hundreds of believers who have been baptized and formed into independent Baptist churches. We marvel as we are introduced to mature preachers who have been trained in the Bible School started by Brother Genada. We rejoice to know that churches that have been started by American missionaries are now sending missionaries of their own around the world.

Someone may be wondering, “Brother Sisk, how did you hear and see all these things in one day?” Modern day transportation is wonderful, but truthfully, I sat at my office desk and read prayer letters for three hours. I could go on and on with the marvelous things that I read. Suffice it to say that missions is working. People are still being called. God’s people are still praying and giving so the missionaries can go. Missionaries are faithfully doing what they were called to do, and God is still blessing.

Is it not wonderful to be involved in the greatest work in the world? After the next service in your church, go by the mission board. Experience the joy of traveling around the world. By the way, jot down some of the prayer requests, and become a prayer partner with the missionaries your church supports.

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