Travel to the Mission Field of Your Choice Today

Praying for Missionaries

There are many Christians around the world who pray for their missionaries, and many of those prayer warriors are senior citizens. I could tell you about an eighty-five year-old man in Southern California who prays for us all the time. There is a grandmother in Northern California who for many years prayed and fasted specifically for our ministry on the first Wednesday of every month. I could tell you about another grandmother in Mississippi who prays for us and writes us emails to tell us that she is praying. There is a man in his eighties who lives in Colorado and prays for us every day. I’m so thankful for these praying friends.

I recently received an email from my mom in which she shared something that made me cry tears of thankfulness. We have a senior citizen lady in our home church who is a faithful prayer partner like those mentioned above. My mom prints off our email updates for this lady, and she gets very excited to receive them. My mom told me that this dear lady keeps a list of all the names of the people for whom I request prayer, and then she crosses them off when she hears that they got saved! She told my mom recently that as a result of reading the updates and praying for the requests, she feels like she has been to Cambodia!

That got me thinking—I wonder how many Christians will never have the privilege of visiting a foreign mission field in person? Perhaps you are tied down with work or other commitments. Perhaps you cannot financially afford it. Perhaps you, like some of these seniors above, are in poor health and are physically unable to make such a long trip. Some may even be confined to a bed or a wheelchair. And yet, just because you cannot take a trip to the mission field in person doesn’t mean you can’t go there in prayer. This precious senior saint in our church said that because of her deep interest and her daily intercession, she feels like she has been to Cambodia. And I suppose that in a sense she has.

Find a place to get alone with God and travel to the mission field of your choice today!

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