10 Ways to Share Christ during December

Sharing the Gospel during the Christmas Season

One of the reasons I love the Christmas season is that it is such a great time of year for initiating gospel conversations. Between the special church events and the fact that many people still do want to go to church to celebrate Christmas, this is also the easiest time of year to invite people to church.

But even in a season like Christmas when it may be easier to invite people to church or begin a gospel conversation, it still doesn’t happen automatically. It usually requires that you and I take the initiative to share Christ. Here are ten ideas to help you take that initiative:

1. Join in Special Times of Church Outreach

This past Saturday, our church family canvassed thousands of doors with invitations to our musical. Taking advantage of scheduled church outreach allows you to reach people you don’t already know, gives you a partner to go with, and lets you be part of strategically reaching your community with your church family.

2. Reach out to Your Neighbors

Bring over a plate of Christmas cookies or a simple gift and ask them to be your guest for a Christmas service.

3. Bring the Christmas Spirit to Your Coworkers with Invitations to Church

Bring donuts or hot chocolate to your coworkers or leave in the break room at work with a “Merry Christmas” note and a stack of church invitations.

4. Invite Friends via Text

Send a simple text to an unsaved friend, “Hey, are you free this Saturday at 5:00? Would love for you to be my guest at my church’s Christmas musical! Will feature awesome Christmas music and a practical Bible message.”

5. Pay for Someone’s Coffee or Meal, and Leave a Gospel Tract or Invitation

Another idea is to leave a large tip for your waiter at a restaurant with an invitation.

6. Follow up on Previous Prospects

Who has told you in the past they would come to a church event but hasn’t made it? Who on your soulwinning prospect list might come? Special events are a great time to reach out to previous prospects.

7. Share Church Christmas Events on Your Social Media

Whether you are reposting your church’s social media or creating a post of your own, use your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels to invite your friends or followers to come. (Even just liking your church’s posts on Facebook makes it more likely for those posts show up in your friends’ feeds.)

8. Purchase and Deliver Gifts to Needy Families

Do you know a parent who recently lost their job? A single parent? A family up against hard circumstances this Christmas? Bring gifts, and deliver them with the love of Christ and the gospel message.

9. Always Be Ready to Share the Gospel

Even if your primary goal in a gesture of kindness (such as donuts in the break room at work) is simply to invite someone to church, ask the Lord to open opportunities to be able to verbally share why Jesus came and the salvation He offers.

10. Involve Your Children in Sharing the Gospel

Incorporate some of these ideas into your family time. Have a family night baking and delivering cookies to the neighbors. Bring your children with you to bring gifts to needy families. Invite your neighbors over for a Christmas gathering in your home, and let your children help prepare for it. In these ways, you’ll be sharing Christ with your neighbors and with your children.

There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than to invite others to receive the gift of eternal life.

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