Retaining People through a Discipleship Program

How to Develop Committed Christians

Lesson Outline: This is an abbreviated lesson outline with the complete lesson downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Title: Retaining People through a Discipleship Program

Text: Acts 14:21-23

Introduction: In this lesson I would like to show you the benefits of a discipleship ministry for your church.

I. The Purpose in Discipleship

A. A Biblical Foundation for New and Immature Christians

B. A Biblical Focal Point for Assimilating New Members (church transfers) into the Church

C. A Basis for Friendships and Relationships in the Church

II. The Process in Discipleship

A. The Studies or Curriculum

B. The Supervisors

C. The Setting or Class

III. The Product through Discipleship

A. Safeguarding People Added to the Church

B. Stability

C. Spiritual Growth

D. Succession

E. Strategy for Enrolling Prospective New Members

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