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Welcome to Ministry127.com! For many years, God has placed a passion in my heart for independent Baptist leaders to strive together for the faith of the Gospel (Philippians 1:27). I thank God for friends and spiritual leaders around the world who have sharpened and encouraged me in the work of the Gospel.

Just as our annual Spiritual Leadership Conference brings leaders together for mutual edification, even so, our prayer is that Ministry127.com would literally be a Spiritual Leadership Conference every day—online!

For many months we have labored to bring together a dynamic and diverse group of like-minded independent Baptist contributors—men and women who are leading the way in fruitful, local church ministry. And we've labored to build a strong initial library of resources—from ministry articles, to sermon helps, videos, illustrations, podcasts, and more. After much work, we launch this site with hopeful prayers that it will truly begin to encourage and equip you in a biblical philosophy of ministry. 

What is Ministry127? Let me share a few things about this project that greatly excite me:

An expanding group of independent Baptist contributors

I am grateful for dynamic leaders around the world, from the front-lines of local church ministry, who have agreed to participate in this project with us on a regular basis. I know you will benefit greatly from their thoughts and insights!

A strong foundation for a huge library of resources

What you will find today on Ministry127 is only the beginning. Over the coming months and years, you can expect the number of contributors, the volume of contributions, and the library of resources to grow considerably—and on a weekly basis. 

A positive, encouraging, biblical resource

This site will feature encouragement and edification—not debate, division, or despair. Our heart is to bring together spiritual leaders with excellent spirits and biblical philosophies to propagate the patterns and mandates of God's Word for local church ministry into the coming decades.

A free resource

This site is free. Spiritual leaders can come to Ministry127 to access ministry helps, sermon tools, church videos, PowerPoint slides, sermon illustrations, ministry training podcasts, and a wealth of information covering many categories of church ministry; and they will never be charged for anything they receive here.

A team-building resource

Whether it's a resource review from a biblically sound ministry, an article from a contributor, a sermon outline from a faithful pastor, or a podcast featuring a fruitful missionary, we pray that Ministry127 will connect you with iron-sharpening-iron relationships. We pray that the relationships you find here will help you stay faithful and focused in the ministry of Christ.

Over time Ministry127 will become a much larger resource than it is today. Our goal is to bring together the most engaging, encouraging, and equipping ideas of a large group of today’s most biblical and effective local church leaders. Ministry127 is not about one ministry or one leader—it’s about a large group of like-minded leaders encouraging and equipping each other in the work of Christ. It’s about Philippians 1:27—“striving together for the faith of the gospel….

Thank you for using Ministry127, and we pray that it will be an online destination you can trust and use over and over again in the years to come. Be sure to let others know about this invaluable resource! May God use Ministry127 to greatly assist you in the great ministry to which God has called you!


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