Falling Asleep in Church

Dr. Al Fasol, a retired preaching professor, wrote about the true story of a man who experienced a rude awakening in church. He generally slept in church, so he dropped off like he always did, only this time a power outage left the auditorium in total darkness. The pastor did not use notes to preach and kept right on preaching.

Somewhere toward the sermon’s end, the groggy parishioner woke up. He rubbed his eyes but couldn’t see a thing. He heard the preacher and could feel his wife and daughter on both sides of him, but everything was pitch-black. In a state of panic he stood up and declared, “Help me, I’m blind!” Laughter filled the darkened room, one complacent church member experienced revival at the altar of embarrassment, and one blessed pastor enjoyed poetic justice.

Source: Humor with a Halo, Al Fasol

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