Larry King’s Greatest Fear

For the twentieth anniversary of Larry King Live, Barbara Walters interviewed the man who became famous interviewing others. She asked him direct and revealing questions. Two of the most telling responses came when she probed about fear and faith. Walters asked King, “What is your greatest fear?”

He immediately replied, “Death.” This interview occurred in 2005 when he was at the very top of his career and had much to lose, but none of that mattered compared to the fear of death.

Her follow-up question was, “Do you believe in God?”

King stated, “Not sure. I’m an agnostic.” Regardless of our success or status, if we’re uncertain about God we will most assuredly be fearful of death. Easter reminds us that the fear of death dissolves when we walk with the One who walked out of the tomb.

Source: Men of Integrity, March/April 2009

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