Unusual Deaths

Anthony Fernando, a twenty-one-year-old man living in Colombo, Sri Lanka, went fishing one day off the coast of the island. He had no idea he would never make it back alive. A forktail gar fish jumped out of the water and cut him on the neck with its tail. He bled to death before a fellow fisherman could get him to a hospital.

Lance Foster, a twenty-three-year-old student at the University of Kansas was studying at his desk one night. Little did he know he would be dead a few minutes later. Foster became thirsty and decided to walk down the hallway to get something to drink. He put his money in the machine, but the drink didn’t come out. When he rocked the vending machine back and forth to get the can of soda, it fell on top of him. He died from internal injuries shortly thereafter.

If you would have told Ali-Asghar Ahani he would be shot to death by a snake, he wouldn’t have believed it. But it happened. Although he could have shot the snake, this man from Iran was trying to capture it alive. When he pressed the butt of his shotgun behind its head, the snake coiled itself around the gun. With its tail thrashing, the snake pulled the trigger, firing one of the barrels and shooting Ahani in the head.

After winning $3.6 million in the lottery, William Curry must have thought he was the luckiest person in the world. But he wasn’t lucky for very long. Two weeks after hitting the jackpot Curry, at the age of thirty-seven, died of a heart attack. His sister-in-law said the stress of winning the lottery killed him.

None of these people knew or even imagined that death was just moments away. Death can come unexpectedly to anyone.

Have you ever thought about how you will die? Will you be cut by a fish tail? Crushed by a soda machine? Shot by a snake? Maybe your heart will just stop beating. You probably won’t be able to predict how or when your death will occur. Nevertheless, you have an appointment with death and you need to be prepared.

Source: The 911 Handbook, Kent Crockett
Submitted by the homiletics class of West Coast Baptist College

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